FMEA Training, ailure Mode and Effects Analysis

FMEA Training by TONEX

TONEX FMEA Training covers:

Learn the importance of Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA) in analysis, product and process design and more. Effective FMEA Training by TONEX is one of the best FMEA Training available globally for your organization  including the best practices, tools and methods. TONEX Process FMEA (PFMEA) and Design FMEA (DFMEA) Training courses focuses on the fundamentals and pre-work, innovative analysis and development process, verification and validation, collaboration and team structure using the FMEA process and tools.


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Intrinsic Safety Training

3-Day Designing for Intrinsic Safety Course

TONEX 3-day Intrinsic Safety Training is targeted at  engineers and non-engineers. Intrinsic Safety Training course covers  the principles of intrinsic planning and design, and provides deep explanation of the process and guidelines on planning, analyzing, design and testing criteria.

Intrinsic Safety Training also aims to give:

  • Understanding of the basic hazards associated including use f electricity near flammable gases and vapours
  • Show how electrical equipment can be treated and made safe
  • To outline the principles of how the degree of hazard can be assessed
  • Methods for classification of hazardous areas
  • Explain what types of apparatus may be used in particular locations
  • To enable the selection of equipment to be made to suit particular hazardous locations
  • Understanding of how equipment should be installed, maintained and repaired
  • Outline of the recommendations of the various Codes of Practice
  • Regulation and legal requirements relating to such apparatus and installations in UK onshore and offshore locations are also covered.


Who should attend?

Electrical and instrument engineer, technicians, engineers of all discipline, project managers and  other qualified


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LTE Training

LTE Training

LTE Training Courses by LTE Experts

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Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance Training

Why choose TONEX for your ISR (Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance) Training Needs?

ISR Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance) covers concepts and architecture of Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance. ISR training also known as ISR (Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance) Training  covers all related enabling architecture, technologies, standards, modeling, analysis, engineering, testing and evaluation.

ISR  course is deigned for engineers, technical professionals, project managers and analysts. An overview of SysML, DoDAF 2.0 and NAF 3.0 architecture related to Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance is discussed.

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